Christmas Stress

The run-up to Christmas can be difficult for some. Organising Christmas dinner, and other family events during the festive season, can cause a lot of stress to build up. The pressure to purchase gifts for family and friends adds to this. Most people find themselves at least a little bit stressed at some point during the festive period.

Christmas is a time that people are encouraged to be overindulgent when it comes to food and alcohol. Although alcohol is often associated with fun and partying, it’s important to remember that it is a depressant. This means that it can cause dips in mood, especially when you have a lot of it.
Eating unhealthy food in large amounts can cause feelings of lethargy and discomfort. The best way to counter this is to make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet throughout the year. Maintaining a healthy weight for you and having a healthy diet helps to prevent these feelings when you do over-indulge.

Another way to counter low mood around Christmas time is exercise. It doesn’t have to be anything ridiculous – even a walk after Christmas dinner would suffice. The endorphins released when you exercise should help you to relax. This also may help to improve sleep, which can also help improve mood.

Happy Holidays to all from Mental Health TV – we’ll be back in the new year producing more content!