Month of May: An Overview

May is also known as ‘Mental Health Awareness Month’ – we have seen a lot of social media posts specifically to raise awareness for mental health as a result of this.

Simple information has been shared, that could make a huge difference.

For example, “forgetfulness can be a symptom of depression.” Information like this can help others to look out for their friends, as well as also becoming more aware of their own mental health.

There was also ‘World Schizophrenia Day’ – posts on this day aimed to change any misconceptions about schizophrenia. One of the most common misconceptions about Schizophrenia is that it means you have a ‘split personality’.

The film ‘Tully’ was also released. The main character in this film has just had a baby and is dealing with the strains and stresses of being a mother. It tackles the issue of post-partum depression/other mental health issues.

We’ve also been working on re-vamping our programme, ‘Two Cases of Schizophrenia’ and have released lectures on Anorexia. Currently we’re working on getting subtitles in Mandarin onto our PTSD programme.

Overall, a great month for mental health awareness and productivity!